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Bericht  jdebooserie op vr feb 14, 2014 11:04 am


My name is Jurgen and I live in Conway, Arkansas. I just wanted to write in English since it goes a lot faster for me and I don't have to think about my words. I am from a little town called Izegem, next to Kortrijk en Roeselare.
I have been living in the United States for about 7 years now and currently go to college here. I own an xbox 360 and an Xbox one at the moment and play a lot of different games.
I like the gears of war series, call of duty, forza, fifa,... I just play a lot on my free time.

If you guys want to add me go ahead. I have been looking for people that have an xbox One in Belgium, but if you don't I still play on my 360 sometimes.
I am 25, so I don't scream in the mic when I died Razz.

Hope to hear you soon.

My xbox live gamertag is jdebooserie
When you add me, mention you added me from here.



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